ALTO Pulse returns

Welcome to the updated quarterly ALTO Pulse! We have significantly reduced the survey questions, so the result will be more like a weather forecast with smiley/ frowny faces across the world map, rather than percentages and statistics. We feel that sometimes even a quick reality check about your source and destination countries can help you answering your question and planning your next move.

Needless to say, the more organisations that participate, the more interesting and useful the weather forecast will be, so please spare a minute of your time to complete the questionnaire, thank you!

ALTO Pulse Q3 2019

ALTO Pulse 2019Q2 result and 2019Q3 projection.

The quick questionnaire’s outcome shows that schools in the UK have reported a better quarter in Q2 2019 than in 2018 and South African schools‘ results were the same in 2019Q2 as 2018Q2. When answering the question about their projection for 2019Q3, UK schools were expecting the 3rd quarter to bring better results in 2019 over 2018 and South African schools thought it would be the same.

Agencies in Argentina, Germany, Russia, Spain and Turkey as well as schools in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Malta and the US showed interest in the Pulse, but not enough peers joined them in completing the survey. Sorry to disappoint, please spread the word for the next round, ready to be completed in September and October 2019:

ALTO Pulse Q3 2019