Past Events

ALTO regularly runs events to help members network and build their knowledge of language travel industry trends and best practices in business.

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2020 ALTO Events

ALTO Christmas drinks, December 2020
Online networking event and reflecting on 2020

ALTO Online- An Industry United, November 2020
ALTO Day Online (AGM, Linda Yueh and Round table)

The Future of Adult Language Travel: 2020 and Beyond – Industry Panel series
Regional Industry Panel sessions July 2020

Webinar, June 2020
Leveraging change… One decision at a time by Nick Tasler

Webinar, January 2020
Living Well on the Go by Ruth Tounge

2019 ALTO Events

ALTO Day Berlin, November 2019
Revenue is Sanity, Profit is Vanity and Cash is King by Alan Miltz

ALTO Double Event London, September 2019
The “Ends” Game: Technology and the Pursuit of Lean Commerce by Marco Bertini  & Driving Improved Financial Performance  by Andrew Needham

Webinar, May 2019
The digitalisation of mental health

7th Annual ALTO Conference Lisbon, March 2019
Postcard from a conference delegate

2018 ALTO Events

ALTO Day Berlin, November 2018
AGM and Norman Kurtis: Behavioural Fitness 

ALTO Double Event London, September 2018
Transformational Leadership by Carlos Escario & The Science of Influence by Catherine Nicholson

6th Annual ALTO Conference New York, May 2018
20-Year Anniversary

Webinar, March 2018
Time Management for Business Leaders

2017 ALTO Events

ALTO Day, Berlin October 2017
Psychological Principles and Smart Personalisation by Nathalie Nahai

ALTO Double Event London, September 2017
Reputational Risk by Anthony Fitzsimmons & Recipe for Resilience by Hannilee Fish

5th Annual ALTO Conference Madrid, May 2017
Survival of the Fittest

2016 ALTO Events

ALTO Day Berlin, October 2016
Cross Cultural Branding and Communication by Vikas Shah

ALTO Double Event London, September 2016
Negotiation Skills by Richard Mullender & Fearless Communication by Michael Comyn

4th Annual ALTO Conference San Francisco, April 2016
Responding to the Market: How to manage your business in a volatile environment

2015 ALTO Events

ALTO Day Berlin, November 2015
Turbulent Times

ALTO Event London, September 2015
Stand Up, Stand Out, and Stand Firm by Shaun Smith

3rd Annual ALTO Conference New York, May 2015
Threats and Opportunities in Language Travel

ALTO Seminar Malaga, Jan 2015
Chasing Growth: Pricing Strategies to Boost Your Business by Marco Bertini

Event Archive

ALTO has been running events since the organisation began in 1998. For more information and event materials, please contact us.

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