ALTO Mediation Panel

ALTO’s unique position, welcoming member organisations from all areas of educational travel: agencies, language schools, universities and academic course providers, associations, accreditation agencies as well as service providers allows us to give voice to all these players and to facilitate meaningful conversations between them.

Driven by the ALTO Board (representing 3 agents and 3 schools) and our members’ ideas, we always turn our attention to pressing issues that involve partner relations, trying to find ways for agents and schools to work together in a more mature and more professional industry.

Introducing the mediation panel within ALTO was possible, because the association also created and published the ALTO Best Practice Guidelines, offering a framework for organisations within the international education industry, where each acknowledges and accepts their reciprocal commitments to work as true partners.

The best practice document is the product of extensive consultation over a 12 month period between agents and schools from small individual companies to large international chains and is the pillar of the mediation scheme.

ALTO would like to highlight that the main purpose of this free and volunteer service is to help members come to a mutual agreement in case of a dispute without having to go through expensive legal procedures.

The mediation scheme is available to ALTO members and is included in the membership fees. Read full document below:

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