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The World’s Leaders in Language Education

ALTO is the only premium forum that joins leading educational travel agents, language schools, international academic course providers, universities, national associations and service providers as one global community.

Membership is open to the leaders and decision makers of organisations involved in international education.

ALTO’s Mission

We aim to provide a global platform for leaders and decision makers within the language and educational travel industry to further develop and grow the industry through networking, professional development, idea and information exchange.

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ALTO logo rebrand

ALTO launched a new logo which represents the leaders’ community our association gathers from educational agencies, language schools, academic and high school programme providers, universities, associations and service providers from the international education industry.

ALTO Where Leaders Meet

ALTO Industry Pulse

We’re calling all organisations in the language and educational travel industry to participate in this industry-wide data collection!

ALTO creates a quarterly report to serve the entire industry by bringing you worldwide data about the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, so that you can better prepare your businesses for the future.

Read the reports and complete the survey at the beginning of each quarter.

ALTO Pulse

ALTO Trends Barometer

ALTO Trends Barometer is a data collaboration platform that was developed by the association to assist the international educations industry with insights into measurable trends showing weekly arrivals data at course providers around the world.

This is the only tool that provides you real-time data updated on a weekly basis about the recovery of our industry – be among the first leaders to see the movements of the trends line.

ALTO member schools and ALTO associations’ school members are welcome to join the project.

ALTO Trends Barometer


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ALTO Membership is open to businesses, associations and the leaders of those organisations involved in language and/or educational travel.