In this energy booster session Michelle Griffith Robinson former Olympic athlete talked about ways to ‘bounce back’ and ‘dig deep’ in times of adversity.

The last 18 months has been a challenging time for many people and companies.

We have all had our OWN journey. The workshop ‘Resilience and Strength’ allowed participants to think about their own personal journey and to reflect on their WHY and their own personal mission. Collectively the audience was upbeat about the future although they recognised that there were inevitably going to be obstacles. The discussion facilitated an openness which I believe left everybody feeling more inspired.

The key takeaways were:

  • Reinforce your strengths
  • Continue to work on your improvement areas
  • Acknowledging that Vulnerability is a strength
  • Reflect on your ‘WHY’ holds you to account
  • Know your values
  • Hold yourself to account

“The session with Michelle was uplifting and motivating, perfect for a Friday afternoon in the middle of a pandemic. Michelle herself had such an upbeat and pleasant manner and was very engaging. The sharing of her personal experiences was humbling.  I was reminded to reflect on my achievements and to consider what my own personal “mission statement” is. An hour online well spent.” – Fiona Dunlop, Wimbledon School of English

“Michelle is a powerful presenter who, even virtually, manages to engage her audience.  She ensured that the session she provided was interactive and meaningful to her audience.  It is always useful to learn from others outside of your own industry, listen to their stories and experiences and how they impacted their own success.  A ‘food for thought’ style training session!” – Lisa James, EC English Centres

The session recording is available to ALTO members, please contact Reka for further details.