Why automation and AI?

As companies and available comms channels grow, it’s harder for your team to do everything manually.

We want to ‘flood’ the top half of a standard marketing funnel with traffic. Especially Awareness and Evaluate stages.

The goal of AI and automation is to free up time & remove repetitive tasks, drive more traffic, improve customer experience and move prospects through the funnel faster.

Automation software is less expensive than hiring new staff. By freeing up time staff can then focus on the important stage of retention and optimisation of all stages.

Why automation and AI? – Multiple Segments & Audiences

Many faces
Quite likely your company has 100s of possible digital segments. Add online data to the list.

Response rates to personalized content are higher.

Content Variations
Need to create variable content for each segment.

Lean marketing
Small marketing teams can only do so much.

Even your Ideal Customer Profile can be broken down into sub-segments

Nurture program
AI can manage large scale nurture programs to warm up leads

Segments x Content x Channels = Infinity

The number of possible segments, then different types of content, then number of channels means infinite possibilities for personalisation.

What can be handed over to AI

Many aspects of marketing can be handed over to AI. The question becomes what is the most beneficial to hand over and the easiest processes to convert. Nothing can fully be handed over to AI. Yet. But large parts of the workflow can. Email marketing, copywriting and SEO are 3 campaigns that can be semi-automated and are most likely to bring the quickest returns.

How to Transform to mixed AI / Human teams

This could be an approach you could adopt or take parts of it.

  1. Use Writesonic for ALL Copy
  2. Use Ortto to define segments & journeys
  3. Use HubSpot or Landbot to build bots
  4. Use SurferSEO & AlliAI for SEO
  5. Use Gatherup to acquire reviews
  6. Use HubSpot to send nurture emails, sequences
  7. Use Re-purpose.io or Buffer to distribute content
  8. Use Phantombuster to automate engagement


If you could only pick 3

Choose HubSpot, Writesonic and Alli AI.

HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing automation suite especially for email. You can apply as many segments and unique properties to each contact as you wish. Thereby enabling hyper personalisation. Then you can set up multi-level drip and nurture email campaigns that will automatically trigger based on triggers you specify and ‘nurture’ your prospect along the lifecycle journey to customer.

Its built to handle everything, unite marketing and sales and give you data for all campaigns, contacts and companies.

Writesonic is a complete multi channel copy creation tool, It can be set up to auto publish to your website, It can create copy for other channels e.g. Email and Social media. Basically anything that is written i.e. a blog, social post, ad copy, web pages, SEO meta data can be done with this tool.

With Alli AI, optimize any website in minutes &  automate SEO at scale. Make thousands to millions of code and content changes in minutes. Manage all your SEO from one dashboard. No need to hire and train full-time staff or spend $100,000 budget to outsource SEO to an agency.

Thank you for joining the webinar and a huge thank you to Zohe Mustafa Founding Partner at GrowthHakka a growth hacking agency based in London.