7th Annual ALTO Conference Lisbon

Event venue: Altis Grand Hotel ***** 8th-10th March 2019 Lisbon, Portugal With central location, stunning views, bright and spacious meeting rooms and even an indoor swimming pool, the ALTIS GRAND HOTEL is going to be fantastic place to host our event. We will add details to this page regularly, if you would like to plan […]

The digitalisation of mental health – webinar by Christina Furtado

A growing number of students we send abroad or welcome to our programmes suffer from mental health issues. The main areas of concern are Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Cultural Adaptation related issues. One of our members, guard.me is running a programme to offer support for these students together with Morneau Shepell which is the largest mental health organisation in North […]


ALTO double event London 2019

County Hall London

At the end of the summer high season, straight into the new sales season, pick up some useful tips to help you making improvements to your organisation! Once again we invite all ALTO members to delegate 2 senior managers and 1 leader in training to attend the London double event for free. Use this opportunity […]

ALTO Day Berlin 2019

Hotel InterContinental Berlin Budapester Str. 2, Berlin

Our 9th ALTO Day Berlin event is coming up soon and I'm happy to announce the star presenter of the professional development session below. When booking your ticket for the ICEF Berlin workshop, please keep the Sunday morning start in mind and fly to Berlin on Saturday, so that you can attend our full day

Live well on the go

ALTO Webinar series Ruth Tongue-Live well on the go Travelling, socialising, networking..it can all leave little time and motivation for eating well and exercising and can play havoc with our sleep, energy and mood. In this seminar with nutritionist, sports scientist and wellbeing expert Ruth Tongue, she will share her top five tips for optimising […]

Nick Tasler – Leveraging change… one decision at a time

ALTO Webinar series Nick Tasler - Leveraging change... one decision at a time Leaders have always been vital to their organizations' success. But with the sudden, unprecedented disruption of COVID-19 and the urgent demands this pandemic is placing on every worker and every team in every industry, the Leader’s role has never been more crucial […]

ALTO Online: An Industry United

We might not be able to meet in Berlin this year , but it's never been more important for ALTO members to join the online version of our usual annual event, ALTO Online: An Industry United.  We will follow a similar choreography that you're used to, but will have to give the networking cava lunch […]

Drawing ALTO´s futures

ALTO Webinar series Richard Jaimes and Konstantinos Manginis- Drawing ALTO's futures Richard and Konstantinos we will guide us through the current trend status of different industries relevant to the businesses in international education and from there start to paint out possible scenarios and general implications. -        Overview of the top current trends/influences in the industries […]

ALTO Open Event

Register for the ALTO Open Event to discuss the ALTO Industry Pulse Q1 2021 report and join the small group sessions looking at specific data on different destination markets included in the report. The event is open to members and non-members. We would like to encourage a wider participation at the Q2 2021 survey coming

ALTO Online CPD, Round table and Networking event

We invite all members of the ALTO Leaders' community to join us for a morning or an afternoon of professional development online. This event will pack in a bit of everything ALTO offers the best of: a fantastic presenter, round table discussion in break-out rooms and networking with fellow decision makers from the international education