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Following up on members’ request to learn more about risk management we invited an expert keynote speaker in the area: Anthony Fitzsimmons. He will help you learn more about reputational, behavioural and organisational risks in your organisation.

During this workshop you will learn how and why respected organisations unexpectedly fail despite the best efforts of diligent and intelligent leaders. A presentation will be followed by a case study during which you will dissect a crisis to identify its root cause risks. We will finish up with a discussion on how to uncover such risks in your own organisation so that you can avert a potential disaster. Read more about the morning session in this pdf info sheet Anthony Fitzsimmons session summary and bio

The morning seminar will be followed by a networking lunch and a split group discussion where we will create an Agent Zone (moderator Scott Wade) and a School Zone (moderator James Love) as a platform to discuss best practices, concerns, hot issues with your fellow leaders and owners. This type of session is new to ALTO and new to the industry and we’re expecting an open and honest idea exchange that will be beneficial to all participants.

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