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ALTO Webinar series

Nick Tasler – Leveraging change… one decision at a time

Leaders have always been vital to their organizations’ success. But with the sudden, unprecedented disruption of COVID-19 and the urgent demands this pandemic is placing on every worker and every team in every industry, the Leader’s role has never been more crucial to local communities and the global economy than it is right now.  In the face of this challenge, some Leaders will simply hunker down and try to get through it. But other will step up and strive for breakthroughs within it.

Which one will you be?

In this dynamic, highly interactive virtual experience led by thought leader Nick Tasler, you’ll learn how to transform this unprecedented disruption into an unrivaled opportunity.  With Nick’s guidance, you and your peers will discover and share strategies for focusing your team; sharpening your strategy; and catapulting your organization into the future.

Introducing our presenter: Nick Tasler

Nick Tasler is an internationally acclaimed thought leader, organizational psychologist and the #1 best-selling author of four counter-intuitive books on the art and science of making decisions and leading change. He is a Leadership Columnist for the Harvard Business Review, a guest lecturer at the Wharton School and his work has been featured by The New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, NPR, BBC, NBC, CBS and other leading media outlets around the world.

Nick’s original insights and dynamic style have benefited the world’s most respected organizations ranging from General Electric and JP Morgan Chase to Microsoft, Wells Fargo, the Royal Bank of Canada, and Yale University.

Nomadic by nature, Nick and his wife and their four kids live in…lots of places. Sometimes Minnesota. Sometimes Florida. Currently, Puerto Rico.