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This is the 10th ALTO Day event in Berlin where we can discuss the association’s activities, and members can contribute to our future plans. Since we have the whole day, we can also dedicate time to senior level professional development and networking opportunities. When booking your flight ticket for the ICEF Berlin workshop, please keep the Sunday morning start in mind and fly to Berlin on Saturday, so that you can attend our full day event with the association’s AGM, top quality CDP session, lunch and networking.

Planned schedule on Sunday, 30th October (please book your flight to arrive on Saturday if possible)

09:00-10:30 – AGM (coffee, tea and pastries served from 08:30, handing out voting cards at 08:40)
11:00-12:30 – Professional development seminar- Dr Paul Redmond: Around the World in Eighty Years! How to manage, motivate and maintain today’s multi-generational workforce
12:30-14:00 – Networking lunch
14:00-15:30 – Professional development seminar – Dr Paul Redmond: Talking About Our Generations: how the educational travel industry can engage, educate, and enrol today’s generations of language learners (this session is open to ALTO members and all ICEF participants)

Optional 15:30-16:30 – ICEF seminar programme: ALTO Best Practice Guidelines and ALTOTrends Barometer introduction

Annual General Meeting (members only) 09:00 – 10:30

The Board will present the association’s activities and plans for the next 12 months. It’s a great platform to suggest ideas where we could improve ALTO’s services to members. This year is election year, if you would like to put yourself forward as a candidate, read more here and please contact Reka before 30th September.

Professional Development (members only) 11:00 – 12:30

Around the World in Eighty Years! How to manage, motivate and maintain today’s multi-generational workforce by Dr Paul Redmond

Dr Paul Redmond, author, keynote speaker, employment guru, is a leading expert on generations and the future of work.

Paul is currently the Director of Student Experience and Enhancement at the University of Liverpool and one of the UK’s leading experts on the graduate employment market. During his career he has worked at a number of leading universities and has been responsible for guiding the careers of thousands of students and graduates. He has presented at numerous conferences and events around the world. In addition to writing regularly for national newspapers and other publications, he is a frequent guest on both radio and TV, appearing on numerous BBC and independent news and current affairs programmes. Since 2014, Paul has produced a regular, and highly popular, diary column for the UK’s Association of Graduate Recruiters magazine.

Paul’s research into ‘Generation Y’ (aka ‘Millennials’) and their impact on organisations has garnered him praise and respect from a range of national and international organisations, for which he provides consultancy.

Paul’s media work includes numerous BBC and independent news programmes and bulletins. In 2011 he collaborated with the BBC and Tiger Aspect in the making of ‘Who gets the best jobs?’ a groundbreaking series of documentaries on the impact of social class on the graduate job market. Paul’s work on the rise of the ‘Helicopter Parent’ had led to appearances on numerous BBC and independent TV programmes, including the Jeremy Vine show.

Paul’s research into ‘Generation Z’ the post-Covid world of Work, the rise of ‘Zombie Jobs’ (the theme of his recent TED talk), techniques for building excellent inter-generational communications.

Paul is the author of several books, including the best-selling ‘The Graduate Jobs Formula’, ‘A Parent’s Guide to Graduate Jobs’, ‘Talking about my Generation’, and ‘Making it Happen – the new world of graduate recruitment’ (co-authored). He has also written and published numerous other reports, studies and research publications.

In 2010, in recognition of his writing and research, Paul was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts.

Session summary: The educational travel industry employs professionals from all four of today’s leading generations: Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. Each of these generations views the world from its own generationally-specific perspective. Employees from different generations communicate differently, expect different styles of management, they even dress differently and have radically different views about punctuality and office protocols!
In an increasingly diverse workplace, understanding generational preferences is essential for all ALTO leaders, managers and suppliers. This workshop will provide leaders with a research-informed overview of the four working generations and, through a series of workshop activities and discussions, help them develop their own generational toolkit. It will also help them understand more about their own generation – and how it influences their own professional practice.

Networking lunch (members only) 12:30 – 14:00

Professional Development (members and ICEF Berlin participants) 14:00 – 15:30

Talking About Our Generations: how the educational travel industry can engage, educate, and enrol today’s generations of language learners by Dr Paul Redmond

We would like to encourage potential ALTO members to take advantage of this opportunity and attend this professional development seminar as a taster where we showcase the association’s top level events. If you are not an ALTO member, please sign up to this session through the ICEF seminar programme, thank you.

Session summary: As students, Millennials and Generation Z are the two ‘digital native’ cohorts, each with its own distinctive and technologically-informed way of learning. But that’s where the similarities end. As this workshop will illustrate, Millennials and Generation Z possess different motivations and aspirations; they also different expectations from language providers.
The aim of this workshop is to provide business leaders with an opportunity to learn how to communicate, engage and educate a new generation of language learners – a generation which has never experienced life ‘BC’ – Before Computers – and, while possessing its own boundless skills, ethics and abilities, has a concentration span less than that of a goldfish.