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Election of ALTO Board members 2019

Dear ALTO members

The ALTO Annual General Meeting is held on Sunday, 3rd November 2019 in Berlin, and this year an Election of ALTO officers is due to take place during the meeting.

Leanne Linacre (Board member representing “other” on the Board) is coming to the end of her second three-year term since being elected in 2013. She has confirmed her intention to run at the election again, putting herself forward as a candidate; however her position on the Board is open for election.

David Brown (Board member representing schools on the Board) was elected in 2010. He is also putting himself forward for re-election this year, nevertheless his position on the Board is open for election.

Maria Castro (Board member representing agents on the Board) was elected in 2016. She is also putting herself forward for re-election this year, but her position on the Board is also open for election.

Thiago Espana (Board member representing agents on the Board) was elected in 2013. Due to his other engagements he feels he can no longer serve the board to the extend he would like to and therefore he will step down in November. His position on the Board is open for election.

According to the Constitution at least two members of the Board must be from language travel organisations that primarily engage in business as agents, at least two members must be from either language schools or from language course providers, one member must be from a national association or accrediting agency, and one member from either of the previously mentioned categories (other).

To the extent possible, the Executive Board shall reflect the linguistic and geographical diversity of the membership. The 2019 Election will take place at the AGM Berlin in the following categories:

  • Agent x 2
  • School x 1
  • Other x 1

All members of the ALTO Executive Board shall be elected by the Full Members, the Associate Non-Trading Members and the Associate Trading Members of ALTO.

The ALTO Board would now like to invite highly engaged members to submit their Candidacy form by 4th October 2019, see right rail. All ALTO members will receive a list of the Candidates together with their short bio three weeks prior to the AGM.

All Candidacies must be supported by 2 existing ALTO members, who can submit their Nomination form online as well, see right rail.


(deadline to complete 4th October 2019)




(deadline to submit 4th October 2019)


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