Election of ALTO Board members 2020 – Rome conference

Dear ALTO members

We will hold a special Annual General Meeting at the Rome conference on Saturday 21st March 2020. It’s different from the usual annual cycle because- as announced earlier- Juan Manuel Elizalde decided to step down from the Board before completing his third 3-year period as an Officer.

We opened a Candidacy period to invite members to put their name forward at the upcoming Election of ALTO Officer which will take place at the AGM in Rome.

Juan Manuel Elizalde (Board member representing “associations” on the Board) feels that he can no longer dedicate the time and energy that he would like to to support the Board and decided to step down from his position. His position on the Board is open for election.

According to the recently amended Article 9 of the Constitution at least two members of the Board must be from language travel organisations that primarily engage in business as agents, at least two members must be from either language schools or from language course providers, and two members will be from any membership organisation representing an agency, a school, a national association, an accrediting agency  or a service provider.

No category can have more than 3 representatives on the Board at the same time, and we already have 3 schools (Leanne Linacre, David Brown and Jonathan Quinn) therefore the position open for election this time can be filled by an:

  • Agent or
  • Association or
  • Service provider (with minimum 2 consecutive years of membership)

The election will be by simple majority vote by the Full Members, the Associate Non-Trading Members and the Associate Trading Members of ALTO. The quorum is 20% of the members present or represented by proxy.

The ALTO Board would now like to invite highly engaged members to submit their Candidacy form by 29th February 2020, see right rail. All ALTO members will receive a list of the Candidates together with their short bio three weeks prior to the AGM.

All Candidacies must be supported by 2 existing ALTO members, who can submit their Nomination form online as well, see right rail.


(deadline to complete 29th February 2020)

    AgencyAssociationService provider



    (deadline to submit 29th February 2020)