Unlocking Potential: Embracing Growth Mindset and Diverse Thinking in Organisations

In a world characterised by relentless disruption and rapid change, the ability to innovate and adapt has become paramount for individuals and organisations alike. The ALTO Board invited Matthew Syed, renowned author of bestselling book Rebel Ideas - The Power of Diverse Thinking, multiple awards-winning journalist at The Times and popular presenter on BBC Radio


Merge Humans and AI to rocket boost your content team’s output by Zohe Mustafa

Why automation and AI? As companies and available comms channels grow, it's harder for your team to do everything manually. We want to ‘flood’ the top half of a standard marketing funnel with traffic. Especially Awareness and Evaluate stages. The goal of AI and automation is to free up time & remove repetitive tasks, drive


Dr Paul Redmond Around the World in Eighty Years: managing and motivating today’s multi-generational workforce

by Dr Paul Redmond As a thriving, multi-demographic industry, the educational travel industry employs professionals from all four of today’s leading generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. Each of these generations views the world from its own unique generationally-specific perspective. Generational differences can be observed not only in the classroom but also


The Role of Growth Hacking in the future of the Education Travel Industry

Growth hacking has become a hot topic in the business world. This is because it has proven to be a very effective way for companies to increase their revenue and profitability without having to invest heavily into traditional marketing strategies. ALTO invited Zohe Mustafa Founder of London based agency GrowthHakka to take a look at


Overcoming Adversity – Resilience and Strength

In this energy booster session Michelle Griffith Robinson former Olympic athlete talked about ways to ‘bounce back’ and ‘dig deep’ in times of adversity. The last 18 months has been a challenging time for many people and companies. We have all had our OWN journey. The workshop ‘Resilience and Strength’ allowed participants to think about their


Taking care of yourself- and your employees- can be the best professional and personal thing to do

In the midst of so many challenges, during Mental Health Month, just when leaders' and employees’ resilience is critical, we invited Silvia Garcia, to share how to boost our energy, resilience and mobilize our resources to emerge from the crisis. Silvia Garcia is the former global director of the Institute of Happiness at work, at


ALTO Open Event

International education industry leaders gathered online to discuss the findings of the ALTO Pulse Q1 2021 report and address specific destination country issues in smaller groups last Friday. ALTO opened the invitation to non-member organisations to encourage them to find out more about the value of being part of the ALTO community and to showcase


Drawing ALTO’s futures – Webinar by Richard Jaimes and Konstantinos Manginis

Faced with a constantly changing business environment, our leaders in international education should be ready for any possible scenarios in the short and long term future and prepare strategic plans to reduce the element of surprise to a minimum. We invited Richard Jaimes and Konstantinos Manginis Founders of TurningPoint Management Consultancy to show us


ALTO Online: An Industry United

An event report By Matthew Knott ST Magazine News Editor The Association of Language Travel Organisations, the organisation of schools and agencies, has agreed a number of initiatives for the coming year, including the establishment of a best practice charter, a mediation panel and an industry barometer, as well as a reduction in membership fees. The plans