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ALTO Newsletter September 2019
When you thought the summer was busy and then the sales and marketing season begins… hope you’re all well wherever in the world you’re travelling and/ or finalising brochures for 2020!
In this newsletter you can read about our double event in London, complete the ALTO pulse Q3 results, Q4 projections, meet our new members and prepare for the ALTO Day in Berlin featuring the fantastic Alan Miltz!
ALTO Day Berlin 03/Nov/2019
The ALTO Day Berlin 2019 is held at the ICEF Berlin workshop later this year for members of the association. We also invite potential new members to take part in the afternoon professional development session and experience a top class ALTO event first- hand. Interested guests- please contact ICEF directly, ALTO members can register at the button below. 
Alan Miltz: Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity and Cash is King
Alan will enable your organisation to improve cash flow and grow the value of the business through his informative and interactive implementation class.
Read more and members’ registration here
ALTO Pulse Q3 results, Q4 projections
The ALTO Pulse has returned and it’s punchy, easy to complete and aims to be an instant forecast tool for you all! The above image shows that UK schools had a better Q2 in 2019 than in 2018 and South African schools closed the 2nd quarter with similar results in 2019 as in 2018. You can see all the other countries that were interested in taking part but were let down by their peers, so feel free to spread the word! Your help is much appreciated.
Read more and complete the Q3 Pulse
Welcome to our new members in Q3 2019! 
MLA Move Language Ahead
MLA is a multi-accredited International English language provider for juniors & teens in the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland and Italy. For over 40 years now, we have hosted thousands of students studying at Summer Schools & off-season programs at one of our 30 University & Boarding school campuses worldwide.
More information and contact details
Language Plus
Language Plus is a boutique language training institute—small, client-focused, and very personalized. We are focused on delivering great client service and providing an excellent home-base for our students. The Language Plus team is always available to answer questions and ensure you get the most out of your learning experience.
More information and contact details
ALTO double event London 02/Sept/2019
The parallel training day when alongside the Leaders and Decision makers of the international education industry we also invite the Leaders in Training for a free professional development session is becoming a well-knows feature of the industry calendar. As you might have heard me saying before: nothing will replace you being there personally, but I asked our speakers to send me a session summary, please click on the titles below or scroll through all previous event reports by following the link on the button. 
Marco Bertini -The “Ends Game: Technology and the Pursuit of Lean Commerce
Andrew Needham – Driving Improved Financial Performance
Visit the blog to read abot previous events
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