ALTO Newsletter December 2022

Dear *|FNAME|*, I hope all is well with you.

At last week’s Xmas drinks we reflected on the highlights of 2022 and the joy of seeing each other at industry events stood out on everyone’s list. If we had any doubt that the pandemic would change our attitude and our need and appreciation for human contact, it all evaporated in Rome where we embraced like long lost friends without any sign of hesitation or awkwardness.

This first year after the pandemic had its challenges, but we also saw plenty of inspiring examples of innovation, growth and leaders seizing opportunity. Even if you didn’t grow your business this year, you are on the way to recovery and we congratulate you for navigating your company through – and survive! – the biggest global crisis known to humankind.

2023 is almost here, and it’s time to set the tone for the coming year, set some personal and business goals. What will you choose to focus on? What goals will you strive to achieve? What changes will you make?

Whatever you decide one thing we know for sure based on the experience of the last 3 years is that having a support group around you is very important. To be part of a community where all members face similar leadership challenges on a daily basis, a platform where everyone is passionate about their business as well as the international education industry is the best decision you can make in the New Year.

Contact our Board members Leanne Linacre, Juan Manuel Elizalde, David Brown, Jonathan Quinn, Selim Dervish and especially Membership Growth Champion Maria Castro for more information about ALTO, or get in touch with Reka Lenart Association Manager by answering this e- mail.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you in 2023!

Happy Holiday and all the best for the New Year!

The ALTO Board

We selected a truly amazing venue for our 25th anniversary conference in the beautiful city of Istanbul next May. We look forward to welcoming the thought leaders of our industry for a weekend of learning, sharing ideas and networking. Register now!
Register for ALTO conference Istanbul 2023

ALTO Day Berlin – Mind the Generation Gap by Dr Redmond

As a thriving, multi-demographic industry, the educational travel industry employs professionals from all four of today’s leading generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. Each of these generations views the world from its own unique generationally-specific perspective. Nevertheless, only eight percent of organisations have policies for building multi-generational teams.
Read Dr Paul Redmond’s session summary

Welcome to our new members! 

2022 has been a fantastic year for ALTO, 17 companies joined our community of leaders. Please welcome our 2 new agency members in the last quarter of the year:


Tribe Study Abroad
is the sister company of Language Learning International (LLI) an Irish owned Language School and Study Abroad Agency.
We have been in the language business for over 28 years and have looked after thousands of students from all over the world.
We are not an anonymous online travel platform; we are a boutique-sized office with a dedicated team who are ready and waiting to hear how we can help. We are privileged to share our wealth of expertise and experience with you.

is a Malta-based educational technologies and consultancy brand specializing in its services with a focus on Malta.
With the vision of leading the digital transformation of the international education sector as a result of process innovations under the guidance of its corporate culture, MaltaVista has taken on the role of facilitator, beyond consultancy. With the sub-brand of “UP”it also focuses on English camp organizations and gives consultation for junior camp programs.

ALTO Webinar by Zohe Mustafa

We recently had a super interesting session online with Zohe Mustafa Growth Hacker where he showed our members how to re-organise their teams and automate roles using AI. When your staff doesn’t have to carry out labour intensive, repetitive tasks, they can turn their minds to more innovative and useful projects.
More content = More Traffic = More Leads

Read Zohe Mustafa’s session summary

ALTO Trends Barometer

As you know we have now opened the ALTO Trends Barometer to all language schools and academic course providers around the world. The trends barometer is an online tool that provides instant data about weekly adult student arrivals figures.
This tangible data will show you global and national arrival figures, helping you analyse your own performance.
ALTO will keep the online tool open until student arrival figures reach the 2019 level. This will allow us to examine the full cycle of the pandemic and its effects on our industry.
We collect data from schools only, but will publish regular updates and reports via the ALTO newsletter in 2023.

Register your school ALTO Trends Barometer

Formation of Working groups

The ALTO Board announced its plans to form Working groups to involve volunteer members and tackle projects more efficiently making sure the memberships is fully represented when we push some of our key projects in 2023 forward:

  • Dynamic Pricing – headed by Selim Dervish
  • Leaders’ Wellbeing – headed by Leanne Linacre
  • Membership Growth – headed by Maria Castro
  • Mediation Panel – headed by Juan Manuel Elizalde

We continuously receive messages from interested members and will announce the final groups early next year – stay tuned!

Season’s Greetings





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