Industry Panel session @ ALTO Istanbul 21st May 2023

Panel members:

Selim Dervish – Academia United – Turkey
Jonathan Kolber – ILAC – Canada
Mark Lindsay – St Giles International – UK
Ana Paula Paltian – DBM International Education and Immigration- Canada

Moderator: Nicholas Cuthbert – the PIE – UK

Panel questions:

1., We have talked in the past about the fact that we offer an ‘experiential’  learning environment. How can we measure (and continually improve) the quality of “student experience’ ( from a school and agent perspective)
(E.g Standardised feedback for both schools and agents, systematically measuring student success, harvesting customer reviews etc)

2., The Economy – we discussed global inflation last year, and it’s still an issue. What real impact are we seeing from the economic fallout of inflation a year later?

3., Opportunities and challenges of hybrid and remote learning to our current model. As hybrid & online learning becomes more and more sophisticated and accepted, are we seeing an erosion of core market base?
Sub-question: are we able to measure the effectiveness of online training vs face-to-face provision?

4., AI – this is an issue that many sectors are wrestling with. How do we see it changing the way we teach?  And how we learn? How can we harness it for our businesses?

5., How to attract talent?
What can we do to make our industry recognised as a vocational opportunity and ‘sexy‘ again for young talent?