ALTO Double Event London

Date: Monday, 4 September 2017

Venue: Queen Elizabeth II Centre

ALTO was proud to present their free professional development and networking event for ALTO member organisations in London, England.

This was a double-event with one track designated for senior management and another track more suitable for middle managers.

  • Leaders’ event
    09:30 – 16:00
    Members were encouraged to send 2 senior managers to the Leaders’ session.
  • Managers’ event
    09:00 – 12:30
    Members were advised to send 1 mid-level manager to the Managers’ session.

See the event details below or read our blog post to learn more about what attendees learned in London.

Leaders’ Event – Full Day


09:00-09:30 – Registration and networking

09:30-13:00 – Morning session

13:00-14:00 – Networking lunch

14:00-16:00 – Agent and School Zone

Following up on members’ requests to learn more about risk management, we invited Anthony Fitzsimmons to join us in London, an expert keynote speaker on reputational, behavioural and organisational risks. This event was free for two senior managers from each ALTO member organisation.

Morning Session: Rethinking Reputational Risk: How to Manage the Risks that can Ruin Your Business, Your Reputation and You

During this workshop attendees learned how and why respected organisations unexpectedly fail despite the best efforts of diligent, intelligent leaders. The workshop began with a lecture which was followed by a case study during which attendees dissected a crisis to identify its root cause risks. The workshop concluded with a discussion of how to uncover such risks in your own organisation.

Speaker: Anthony Fitzsimmons

Anthony read engineering at Cambridge University before becoming a solicitor specialising in international liability and insurance law. During two decades as a partner in one of the leading legal specialists in the handling of international disasters, he refined strategies to prioritise and reconcile the reputational, humanitarian, commercial, legal and insurance issues arising in crises. He also advised major brands in the wake of severe adverse events.

Following his retirement from law, Anthony founded Reputability, of which he is Chairman. Anthony is a co-author of “Roads to Ruin”, the seminal Cass Business School report for Airmic and, with the late Professor Derek Atkins, of “Rethinking Reputational Risk: How to Manage the Risks that can Ruin Your Business, Your Reputation and You”.

Afternoon Session: Agent and School Zone

The morning seminar was followed by a networking lunch and a split-group discussion where ALTO created an Agent Zone (moderator Scott Wade from Study Travel Magazine) and a School Zone (moderator James Love from ICEF). In close-knit groups with fellow leaders and owners, participants discussed best practices, concerns, and hot issues.

Managers’ Event – Half Day


08:30-09:00 – Registration and networking

09:00-12:30 – Morning session

ALTO offers an extra CPD session to member organisations’ mid-managers once a year as part of our Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow project.

Morning Session: Recipe for Resilience

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of stress, either from short term intensive experiences such as deadlines or reaching set targets, or from the less-obvious gradual accumulation of pressure over time.

This interactive workshop provided:

  • Understanding of the science behind why employees get overwhelmed;
  • Awareness of the most common ways overwhelm is mismanaged and misunderstood;
  • Tools to intervene and prevent overwhelm; integrating 4 resilience strategies which will help you maintain the optimum state for achieving your personal goals.

Speaker: Hannilee Fish, iKan Health

iKan Health was founded on the idea that to build resilience, handle stress and perform at your highest, workplace wellbeing should be considered seriously. iKan Health take a 360 degree look at your health and has a reputation for providing the highest standard of service. With their team of global experts in Emotional Resilience, Social Intelligence, Clinical Psychology, Nutrition, Fitness, Mindfulness and more, they guarantee to make a difference to any individual and organisation.

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